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Our news

Welcome to the first browser-based Bitcoin game without attachments! Yellowstone is a unique project with the possibility of earning Bitcoins, where there are no paid tariffs, there are absolutely no investment opportunities, but at the same time Yellowstone gives you the opportunity to make real money in the form of Bitcoin crypto-currency! In order to earn real Bitcoins, in Yellowstone you only need to be active and earn. There are many earning opportunities in Yellowstone and there are no restrictions on the withdrawal of earned Bitcoins. Complete a simple registration and start earning, improve your financial well-being with Yellowstone, where you can spend your free time interestingly and with income for yourself!
And also you have the opportunity to earn bitcoins in such ways as: !
OFFERS - Earn BTC by browsing websites, completing tasks and taking surveys!
BTC FAUCET - Earn Bitcoin in our BTC faucet every hour from 5 to 100 satoshi!
MINING - Start Active Mining and earn Bitcoins and go about your business!
GAME NOSTRADAMUS - Test your psychic abilities in the game Nostradamus!
BONUSES - Get Bonuses every 12 hours just in one click!
PARTNER PROGRAM - We appreciate everyone who advertises the game and offer a generous affiliate program!