About the project
About the project

Yellowstone is a unique project with the possibility of earning Bitcoins, where there are no paid tariffs, there are absolutely no investment opportunities, but at the same time Yellowstone gives you the opportunity to make real money in the form of Bitcoin crypto-currency! In order to earn real Bitcoins, in Yellowstone you only need to be active and earn. There are many earning opportunities in Yellowstone and there are no restrictions on the withdrawal of earned Bitcoins. Complete a simple registration and start earning, improve your financial well-being with Yellowstone, where you can spend your free time interestingly and with income for yourself!
The game, Yellowstone, was created by a team of professionals. We are engaged in the sale of traffic and in this way we receive income, part of which we give to our players. Our work does not end there; we also successfully trade securities and crypto-currencies on exchanges popular all over the world. The marketing plan for the Yellowstone game is designed in such a way that the project works constantly, for years, and brings income to both our players and us, the creators.
There are many ways to earn Bitcoin in Yellowstone, and the most important thing is that you do not need to invest your financial resources, as other games of this type require on the Internet. In the Yellowstone game, all players earn only thanks to their activity. This means that there are absolutely no risks in Yellowstone. Your activity is accumulated in the form of traffic on our site, which we then sells and receive income.
And so, we list the ways to earn money in Yellowstone!
1. Of course, this is a way to earn money in your Ranch. After registration, all players will receive a Ranch with an already profitable one as a gift and you will have the opportunity to upgrade your Ranch to increase income. The ranch can be upgraded by hiring helpers and animals. They can be hired for a virtual currency called "Coin", which can be earned by being active in other sections of the project.
2. BTC faucet - you have the opportunity to earn every hour in a Bitcoin faucet that distributes from 5 to 100 Satoshi.
3. Offers - here you can earn money by viewing various advertising sites, videos, completing tasks and passing simple surveys.
4. Nostradamus - here you can test your intuition and psychic abilities. Guess what the price of Bitcoin will be in 10 or 30 minutes.
5. Mining - here you can earn absolutely passively, simply by starting mining and continuing to do your usual business.
6. Bonuses - for all players there is a bonus section every 12 hours. No effort is required; the bonus can be obtained in one click.
7. Promotion of your link - promotes your affiliate link and earns income from each unique click on your affiliate link. 1 unique transition = 1 Satoshi!
8. Yellowstone has a very generous affiliate program! We tried to do everything to ensure that our players were satisfied and boldly invited their friends and acquaintances to join them in Yellowstone!